My First Lollipop

YES!!  Lollipop is finally here! I was cheerful, delighted, ecstatic, elated,
and even glad. I was super excited to give this a try.
Rainbow Lollipop
I was so excited for Google’s much hyped version of their Android operating system.  Did I wait for the my carrier to push the update to my Nexus 5 over the air? Heck No! I went on over to Google’s Factory Images for Nexus Devices page, and downloaded the factory images.

Oh the sweet antici-(say it say it)-pation as I watch the progress meter move closer and closer to doneness.

I backed up all of my photos and applications and put the latest version of the Android operating system on my phone and then rebooted my phone into the custom recovery and flashed the phone with the new ROM. The first one in the office with Lollipop, I was feeling very special. It was fluid and beautiful. The notifications were a nice change from the stock KitKat ROM that came on the phone. The new material design made the applications look beautiful and I really couldn’t say enough nice things about it.

Shortly afterward, Google started updating all of their applications to have the same material design. The look and feel of Android and all of the Google Applications Package (GAPPS) with it as well. Life was good.

Nexus 5 with Lollipop

Then, little by little I noticed that my phone was having little issues. First the flashlight application wouldn’t stay on for more than a minute. Once it failed, then I had to reboot the phone to gain access to the camera again. OK, I can excuse that. After all it’s a phone not a flashlight. Then my e-mail program started to crash. The native e-mail program that came with the phone! Once e-mail was absorbed by G-Mail, then it got better.

The battery life was shorter on Lollipop. No matter what I did, including activating battery saver, it didn’t get any better. I tried all of the fixes that I could find, but nothing made it any better. This had me put out. Then came the memory usage. I noticed that I would have to reboot the phone every few days because I would run out of memory. This did not make me merry, overjoyed, peaceful, pleasant, or even trilled.

I decided to do something about it. I went in search of a new custom ROM that would solve all my problems and allow me to have a phone that worked for me again. I tried several ROM’s before settling on a KitKat ROM from Slim Roms. It enabled me to take back control of my phone and make it useful again. No more reboots, no more memory issues. A flashlight that works, and no more application issues. Best part of all? I have a battery life that lasts all day long.

Nexus 5 with SlimKat

You may read this and think to yourself, why would anyone put up with that? Why not just leave it alone? Well that is what 90% of the people out there do. They buy a phone and just leave it as it. The only upgrade that most smart phones see is different applications that their owners put on them.

That is EXACTLY why I got my Nexus 5. I wanted a phone that I could fiddle with and make it my own. I am a developer and I love that I can make my phone my own. Did it take me some time to make it just the way I wanted it? Yes. But now it’s just how I like it, and it’s all mine.

Just as a little note: Slim Roms has an Alpha version of their custom ROM for Lollipop if you’re feeling adventurous.


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