The Kindness Of Strangers

I wrote this because I wanted to express my thanks to the people of Georgetown, Texas.  It all started the Friday morning before the 2013 Airfest.  My oldest son Simon had to stay home from school because he was sick.  He desperately wanted to get better because the Georgetown Airfest was that Saturday.  Saturday morning comes and he is still feeling ill.  This was not good news.  He started to perk up around noon, and had not been sick for a few hours so I agreed that if he could go for another hour, we would clean up and go to the show.

We get to the show around 2:00PM.  On our way in there are some volunteers that are handing out maps and collecting cans of food for the caring place.  They informed us that EAA Young Eagles program was giving free rides to children between the ages of 8 and 17.  They took us in a golf cart down to the air control tower.  Unfortunately they were all full up for that day and were unable to give any more rides for that day.  They told me that if I filled out some paperwork the next time they were flying that the would email me ahead of time and let me know in case my son was interested in riding along.  I filled out the paperwork and my son and I started to head back to the airshow to enjoy looking at the planes and cars that were there.

I want y’all to realize that neither of my son’s cried, whined, or showed any signs of distress at all at the news that Simon could not fly in a plane that day.

Anyway without warning, without any hint or preview, the stranger who gave us the ride to the air tower came up to me and handed me $20.00.  She said that one of the Georgetown police men gave him the money so that he could gain passage on another plane.  The only plane that was not already booked at this time was a plane from Genesis Flight Academy, a Cessna 162 Skycatcher for $30, including 20 minutes of flight time with an instructor.  I politely refused the money, but the young lady insisted.  I told her that it was alright, I did not have the money with me to make up the difference anyhow.  I asked her to take me back to the air show.  Simon in the cockpit

Upon arriving to the gate, the other volunteer put another $10.00 in my hand and told me to go get my boy in the air.  At this point I’m almost in tears. I thanked both the lady and the policeman who offered up the money for Simon.  I gave all the money that I did have to The Caring Place charity that they were collecting for.  The stranger than sped us off to sign him up and get him in the air.

Ethan and I watched with anticipation as Simon climbed into the cockpit.  Ethan squealed “Go Brover” as he climbed in and closed the door.  After taking flight, the plane disappeared over the horizon and all we could do is wait.

When he came back down the instructor waved Ethan and I onto the field.  We came and out he told us that Simon as a natural-born pilot and that Simon actually flew the plane from the airport to Ikea and back again.  “What?!?!  You let him fly the plane?”, I said in amazement.  He informed me that he got the plane in the air and then handed him the yoke and let Simon fly almost the entire time under his instruction.

So for a boy who started off the weekend sick, he got a to not only go to the air show, he got to fly a plane for the first time.  Although my son gladly thanked all of this benefactors personally, I would like to publicly thank all of them for coming together to make his day.  Did that policeman or those volunteers have to donate the money to get Simon there?  No.  All of them complete strangers worked together to make a little boys dream come true that day.  That is the kind of community that I’m proud to call home!  It’s those kind of people who make Georgetown what it is.  

Thank you.

Simons Lego Plane

Here is the Lego plane that Simon constructed in the span of a half hour after returning from the air show.


2 thoughts on “The Kindness Of Strangers

  1. Being a Daddy myself, this brought me to tears. I am blessed to be you friends and am so happy this happened to y’all. God is always doing some amazing work through His angels.

  2. A very heart warming story Eric. A reminder that most people are good, something difficult to remember given the nature of the news we are typically subjected to.

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